Yovo Aims To Fix Message Privacy

Can applying industrial strength content protection software to disappearing instant messages (ala Snapchat) help fix privacy woes with those kinds of apps? A new app, Yovo--developed by Plano-based, enterprise content security developer ContentGuard--says it has applied scrambling technology which ensures that users can truly protect their pictures and messages, from screen captures and ability to blur photos. According to the company, it has created patent pending technology which allows obscuring an image, and helps prevent screen capturing and recording from another device; supports blurring of images; and also allows for "single-use" sharing with friends. ContentGuard says it is using technology originally developed in the mid 1990's, which is currently being licensed to major mobile handset vendors, consumer electronics manufacturers, and media companies. The new app is free, and runs on iOS; an Android version is forthcoming.


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