Xojo Looks To Make Web, Desktop App Development Faster

Austin-based Xojo, which develops a cross-platform, software development tool, is hoping to make it faster and easier for developers to create apps across multiple operating systems--including OS X, Windows, Linux, and the web. To that end, the firm said this morning that it has released an updated software product, Xojo 2013 Release 1, which lets users create software using a drag and drop user interface, which works across a wide variety of platforms. According to Xojo, its software lets developers create both web and desktop applications without having to focus on the specific technology for that platform, and then complies that UI code into machine code for OS X, Windows, Linux and the web. Xojo allows developers to use its tools for free, but charges for deployment depending on different platforms. The company is led by Geoff Perlman, and was previously known as Real Software.