Wingz Offers Up $1 Rides To Jumpstart Ride Service In Austin

Wingz, the peer-to-peer, ridesharing service which launched itself into the ridesharing void in Austin last month, says it will be offering up $1 rides for its first time customers in Austin, as part of its push into the market. According to Wingz, the cost of rides wlil be $1 for the first 20 miles, and $2 per mile additional beyond that 20 mile limit. In addition, Wingz said it will donate that $1 fare to local nonprofit Caritas of Austin. Wingz launched itself into the Austin market on May 9th, on the heels of the pullout of Uber and Lyft from the city. Wingz focuses more on pre-scheduled, rather than on-demand rides, from airports, and says it is complying with Austin's fingerprinting requirement. The company is based in San Francisco, and backed by Expedia, Altimeter Capital, and CEO Marc Benioff.


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