WigWag Rolls Out Smart, Multi-Color, Smartphone Connected Lightbulb

Austin-based WigWag said today that it has opened up pre-orders for a new, smart, dimmable, and color-changing LED light bulb it calls the Filament, which can be controlled by your smartphone. WigWag said the new lightbulb can produce over 64 million colors, or provide 3000K to 6000K true white light. The light bulb can be controlled by a smartphone app running on either iOS or Android, individually or in a group. A starter kit for the light bulb costs $199, and also include the WigWag Relay, an Internet device which connects those lightbulbs to smartphones; the company said individual bulbs will cost as little as $25 per bulb. The products are expected to ship in fall. WigWag is led by Ed Hemphill.


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