WigWag Rolls Out DIY, Smartphone Driven LED Lighting Kit

Austin-based WigWag, the developer of open source, Internet-of-Things (IoT) products, said it has rolled out a new product. The new WigWag Filament Lighting Kit bundles together three, full-color "smart" LED light bulbs and the WigWag Relay, allowing users to create their own lighting applications. The kit costs $199. WigWag's "relay" lets users program those multi-color bulbs and control them from either an iOS or Android smartphone, and connect those bulbs to other smart home devices and gadgets. The "smart bulb" can be programmed to produce any of 64 million colors, and can also be connected with WigWag's software to trigger based on other sensors in your home. WigWag is led by Ed Hemphill.


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