Virtual Reality Treadmill Developer Virtuix Raises $2.7M

Houston-based Virtuix, which is developing an omni directional treadmill designed for virtual reality environments, has raised $2.7M in a funding round, the company said today. The funding round came from Radical Investments, Scout Ventures, Scentan Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Tekton Ventures, 2020 Ventures, and others. The company said the funding will go towards working capital and to accelerate research and development. Virtuix says its treadmill will enable users to walk, run, and jump within a 360 degree virtual environment. The company is led by Jan Goetgeluk. As part of the funding, the company said it added Kai Huang is co-founder of Red Octane, the company behind Guitar Hero, and former Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith as advisors. More information »


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