USAA Near Top In Best IT Workplaces List

It's no surprise to locals that Texas has a rich tradition in the information technology industry, and a significant amount of talent in the area -- part of the reason the state has maintained its edge in the high tech industry. However, the latest list from Computerworld of its "100 Best Places to Work in IT" further demonstrates why even the non-technology companies in the region have helped bolster the firm's technology credibility.

The list ranked San Antonio-based USAA--which provides financial services for the military community--as number two in the nation for an IT employer, citing its training, retention,, sense of purpose, benefits, and perks. USAA has been number one on ComputerWorld's list in 2010, 2011, and 2012. But, the company's not the only, local information technology-heavy employer in the region: Texas dominated the South Central region, with nine of the eleven companies on the list from the area.

Other companies on ComputerWorld's list included: TransOcean (Houston, ranked 7th); Texas Health Resources (Arlington, 31); LINN Energy (Houston, 33); AT&T (Dallas, 49); Rackspace (San Antonio, 56); BNSF Railway (Fort Worth, 64); FireHost (Richardson, 79); and Noah Consulting (Houston, 88). Although big information technology shops do not create technology, having them in the region means that IT technology developers have a nearby source of customers, IT and software talent, and an understanding of the problems of the information technology industry.


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