Trago Hopes To Create Smartphone Connected Water Bottle

Not sure how much or how well you are hydrating? A new, Austin-based startup is hoping to bring a new, smartphone connected water bottle, which pulls together data based on oyur body type, the weather, and your activity level, to optimize the amount of water you drink. According to Trago, it is taking pre-orders of the yet-to-be-delivered product on Kickstarter for $49.99 per bottle. The startup is led by Jac Saltzgiver, who co-founded the company with his brother, Davis Saltzgiver. The company is targeting athletes with the gadget, which it says takes into account your age, gender, height, weight, location, humidity, activity, and more to tailor your water consumption. The startup did not say when it hopes to deliver on its Kickstarter project.


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