Texas A&M System Ties With IBM On Big Data Research Installation

Texas A&M and IBM are in a collaboration aimed at research on the big data and analytics area, the two said yesterday, which will apply high performance computing to a wide range of computational research areas. According to the two, they are in a collaboration which will use big data analytics and high performance computing (HPC) to advance research in energy, materials development, food supply sustainability, animal health, and other research area. Financial details of the deal were not announced, however, the two said IBM will provide infrastructure for the effort, including its HPC Blue Gene/Q technology, servers, and storage systems. The Blue Gene/Q installation will provide 418 teraflops of computing performance, and more than 2,000 computing nodes; also included are 75 PowerLInux servers and 900 SystemX nodes, five petabytes of storage, and other IBM products.


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