SURGE Accelerator Joins TechStars Network

It looks like Texas entrepreneurs are going to be getting a good dose of venture acceleration in the style of TechStars over the next year, after--in the second TechStars-in-Texas news today--Houston's SURGE, the energy software focused startup accelerator headed by Kirk Coburn, said it has become part of a network of accelerators affiliated with venture accelerator TechStars. SURGE said it has joined the TechStars Network, an effort to link together venture accelerators supported by Startup America, to help further advance its goals and its mentors and partners. The TechStars Network is an effort to share the knowledge gained from TechStars with other accelerators, to help them run their own acceleration efforts. SURGE was launched in September, to help incubate startups related to the energy technology business. Earlier today, San Antonio-based RackSpace announced another, TechStars related effort, a cloud computing incubator program being run in San Antonio.