Spacetime Studios Ports Game To Chrome Browser

Austin-based Spacetime Studios, the venture backed developer of massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), said Wednesday that it has ported its mobile 3D MMO game Star Legends, to the Google Chrome browser. Spacetime said the title was ported to the Native Client (NaCl) open source technology, which allows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS users to all play together in the same environment. Spacetime said it worked with Google Chrome engineers for the port, in order to run the firm's native C++ code inside that browser platform. Native Client is a special Software Development Kit which is being used by Google, to enable software developers to run their own C++ code within the browser, across multiple operating systems. That client allows for access to 3D graphics, audio, and local file access, which enables developers like Spacetime to create more advanced games than would be otherwise possible. Spacetime said its Star Legends title will be the first, Native Client game released for the Chrome Web Store.


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