ShopSavvy Shifts Into Big Data For Product

Emphasizing how much data is now being collected by its mobile barcode scanning apps, Dallas-based ShopSavvy, the developer of mobile, barcode scanning applications, said over the weekend that it has released its own, "big data" product which provides access to massive amounts of product barcodes, retail store locations, retailer information, and pricing information. ShopSavvy said its "ProductCloud" product provides real-time, social product data, using the Cassandra with Hadoop software for data storage and processing, and was created out of a realization that it had hit the limits of its original technology--a traditional LAMP stack using MySQL--on Black Friday, when it had more than 1 billion rows in its MySQL database. ShopSavvy said the new, Big Data tools in ProductCloud are being used to ensure it can handle loads at peak times such as Black Friday, handle hardware failures, and meet service level agreements (SLAs) it has with companies like CNET,, PriceGrabber and Walmart. ShopSavvy said the move will pave way for further, social features and layers to be added to its product later this quarter.


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