Samsung Electronics Ties With Best Buy On In-Store Shop

Samsung Electronics, the smartphone developer which has a significant employee presence in Texas, has inked a new deal today with Best Buy, to create a new "Samsung Experience" shop to be housed at the electronics retailer. The two said the new, retail locations will be installed in more than 1,400 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile shops, and will let consumers use Samsung's smartphones, tablets, laptops, connected cameras and accessories.

The mini stores look to be similar to the experience that Apple provides its consumers at its Apple Stores, a place which allows consumers to get hands-on time with products before committing to a purchase. The move makes sense--Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and tablets are direct competitors to Apple's iPhone and iPad tablet--and Apple itself has its own mini stores in Best Buy locations. Samsung said the shops will vary in size, with the largest being approximately 460 square feet.

Financial details of the deal between Samsung and Best Buy were not announced. Samsung's retail operations are based in Richardson.


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