SailPoint: Corporate Data At Risk From Employees

Austin-based SailPoint, the developer of identity and security management tools, reports today that corporate data is at risk from companies' own employees. The firm said its survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of SailPoint, surveyed 3,484 employees in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. The survey found that 48% of British employees, 29% of Australian employes, and 22% of US employees would be "comfortable" using employer's or client private data, with 24% of British employees, 5% of American, and 4% of Australian employees feeling comfortable selling that proprietary information on the Internet. The report said that "an alarming number" of employees are exposing their companies to internal sabotage and theft. SailPoint--whose business is helping companies to regulate access to data by their employees--said that organizations should be "very concerned" about employees "openly admitting" misuse of proprietary data.