ROIKOI Raises $1.7M, Launches New Job Referral Service

Wish you could make it easier for your employees to refer quality people for your open job leads? Austin-based ROIKOI is launching into general availability this week, backed by $1.7M in funding, to help smooth the referral of leads of employees. The startup--which says it has raised $1.7M in funding from Brett Hurt, Andrew Busey, Capital Factory, and others--already has customers such as HomeAway, Intouch Solutions, Square Root, and Zenoss using its system. Unlike most systems, which rely on employees forwarding job openings to contacts, ROIKOI has employees identify the people in their network they think would be great to work with, and then automatically scores those candidates by talent and fit as opportunities come up. ROIKOI is led and was founded by Andy Wolfe.


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