RetailMeNot Revenues Hit $78.5M, Mobile Efforts Ramp Up

Austin-based RetailMeNot continues to grow, saying today that its fourth quarter revenues rose to $78.5M, up 55 percent compared with its prior fourth quarter. The online coupon site also revealed that its mobile efforts have been ramping up, with mobile revenues increasing 213 percent in the quarter to $26.6 million. RetailMeNot has been in a big mobile application push in the last few months. For the year, RetailMeNot said it had net revenues of $209.8M. RetailMeNot is led by Cotter Cunningham; the company is one of the big success stories from the Texas technology industry, having had a blockbuster IPO back in July of last year. The company is now trading around $37.60 per share -- well above the company's IPO debut last year at $21.00 per share.


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