RetailMeNot: Parents Get More Travel, Pampering When Kids Leave

Austin-based online coupon site RetailMeNot has been having a little bit of fun with its marketing efforts with a number of surveys and polls--with the latest, showing that parents are happy to "move on" when kids leave for college. RetailMeNot said it ran a survey for its Shoppers Trend Report, finding that 42 percent of parents expect to do more traveling, and 33 percent would pamper themselves once their kids go to college. However, rest assured kids: the survey found that American parents, for the most part, will leave your room intact: only 13 percent of parents here would turn your bedroom into something else after you leave, while sixty six percent of parents in the UK plan on taking over your bedroom, and 50 percent of parents in Germany would do the same thing. RetailMeNot said its study would not vary more than 3.1 percentage points based on its two samples of 1,023 and 1,008 U.S. residents; the international data came from a survey fo 2000 British parents on; and German data came from its site, with 500 German parents.


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