Report: Central Texas, Biotech Led Texas Q4 2012 Deals

A new report, issued this week by Texas Entrepreneur Networks, found that Central Texas led the region in venture investments in the fourth quarter of 2012. The group--headed by Hall T. Martin--also found that biotechnology deals were the leading category for funding. The group said that it tallied 48 deals worth $139M in Central Texas, followed by the North Texas region with 35 deals worth $92M. The Gulf Coast region had 20 deals, totaling $35M, and the south region 4 deals worth $28M. The West region had only 2 deals, worth a total of $2M. In terms of sectors, the report found that the leading area was biotechnology, with $72M in funding and 16 biotechnology deals. The firm posted its latest report online. Texas Entrepreneur Network helps companies get in front of angel investors in Texas; Martin is the prior Director of the Central Texas Angel Network.


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