Rackspace Ties With UT San Antonio For Computation Effort

Need a little bit of computing horsepower for your scientific research? San Antonio-based Rackspace is looking to bolster the use of OpenStack, the open-source tools use for building cloud computing infrastructure in academia, with a link with the University of Texas at San Antonio. Rackspace said the two have designed, built and deployed an academic research software platform based upon OpenStack, in a bid to revolutionize the way scientists and scholars use technology in their research. Rackspace is looking to offer up the cloud as an alternative to the fairly complex, high maintenance high performance computing (HPC) installations that have been used in scientific computation. Rackspace said the installation will allow USTA to run bioinformatics, aircraft digital twins, energy exploration research, and other scientific computation. The new install was funded by Rackspace Chairman Graham Weston and his 80/20 Foundation.


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