Rackspace Rolls Out New Hosting Offering

San Antonio-based Rackspace said today that it has released a new offering, which is is calling Platform Hosting. According to Rackspace, the new offering is an alternative to colocation, and allows users to manage all aspects of their hosting environment but without having to deal with hardware. Rackspace said the new offering will include a dedicated Rackspace team for infrastructure support, and provides 24/7 management of equipment, network infrastructure, and data center, with customers having full control and management of their operating system, networking devices, monitoring, storage and applications. Rackspace said that web development firm 37signals is one of the customers using the new offering. Usually, customers in colocation centers have to deal with their own hardware issues and maintenance, with dedicated hosting offerings also management operating system and some applications; the new offering is midway between the two most common hosting models.


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