OpenConnect Announces Partnership With Coradiant

Dallas-based OpenConnect Systems, a publisher of business-process optimization software, reported today that it has partnered with Coradiant, a manufacturer of Web performance-metering equipment. OpenConnect said the two companies are working together to provide businesses with comprehensive analytics on what processes most impact customer retention. By making use of OpenConnect and Coradiant's software and hardware, OpenConnect explained, organizations can discover the specific process inefficiencies that are ultimately the root cause of customer defections. As an example, OpenConnect said banks interact with customers in-person at branch locations or remotely through ATMs, Web sites or by telephone, any of which could lead to an unpleasant customer service experience. OpenConnect and Coradiant's software track the customer's experience and eliminate the guesswork of what—and where—things went wrong. Coradiant is headquartered in Poway, Calif.


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