Mouser, Former Mythbuster Star Grant Imahara Turn To Super Hero Gadgets

For fans of the popular Discovery Channel program Mythbusters, the end of the series--and earlier departure of a number of the program's hosts--is leaving a hole for those who enjoy seeing science and technology applied to fun projects. However, it looks like Dallas-based electronics distributor Mouser might just be helping to fill the gap, with its sponsorship of ongoing content which features former Mythbusters star Grant Imahara. According to Mouser, it has launched a new series of programs which feature Imahara, focused on "super hero technology", where Imahara and Mouser will build several projects based on the upcoming Marvel Captain America: Civil War movie. Mouser said Imahara will build real-life, working versions of Captain America's shield and Iron Man's gauntlet, among other projects. Mythbusters has been well known for its move- and TV-themed builds, including attempting to build gadgets to replicate the tools used by The Green Hornet and Batman.


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