JamKazam Launches Social Music Service

Ever wish you could jam out with your far away music buddies on your computer? A new, Austin-based startup, JamKazam, launched today with a new service, aimed at exactly that. JamKazam--led by David Wilson--said it has launched a public beta of its service, which it says allows musicians to play music together in real time, from different locations over the Internet. JamKazam's service lets musicians create their own jam sessions, making them accessible either just to friends, or to the public, letting any musician join in on jams. The service also records those performances, which can be shared with others, can provide live broadcasts, and also includes a social community aspect--allowing musicians to find others in their area. JamKazam said that most of the service will be free, but it will also offer up premium, $29.99 a year subscription for more features around recordin and broadcasting.


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