TOP NEWS Sends Travelers To The Biggest Of Everything Hotel

Is everything bigger in Texas? Maybe not, based on an entertaining promotion for the online hotel booking site, Dallas-based said it has identified the largest, tallest, and grandest hotels across the world. said that the biggest hotel in the world is the First World Hotel, in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, which has an extraordinary 6,118 rooms; the biggest suite is at the Grand Hills Hotel and Spa, in Broumana, Lebanon (44,500 square feet); the biggest lobby is in San Francisco, at the Hyatt Regency (9,547,200 cubic feet); the highest elevation hotel is Hotel Everest View (HEV), Namche, Nepal (13,000 feet above sea level); and the highest floors at the Ritz Carlton , Hong Kong, China: (102-118 stories). also idenfied the largest spa resort in the world--Shun Jing Hot Spring Hotel, Beijing, China (1,052,676 square feet)--the largest pool--San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile (20 acres), and the largest bill for a hotel room, which is the President Wilson Hotel, in Geneva, Switzerland ($65,000 per night). (Photo: First World Hotel, Malaysia)


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