Gyst Launches Business Texting Management Tool

Are you a professional who ends up using texting a lot for client communications, but find current texting apps a pain? Austin-based Gyst, a new startup developing mobile apps, says it has a solution, a new text messaging app which links text with a users' contacts, calendars, and tasks. According to Gyst, its new tool is aimed at maximizing productivity for busy people, replacing native texting apps on Android. The company says it is looking specifically to help business users and professionals who use texting, where tools have evolved more for social texting users. Gyst says its tools organizes messages, prioritizes important messages, lets users search for texts, schedules text for timed delivery, and more. The new company is led by Bruce Kornfeld, and says its investors include author and time management expert and former Blackberry board member Jim Estill.


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