Fasten Promotes Donations For Hurricane Matthew Relief In Austin

Ridesharing service Fasten, which offers up ridesharing in Austin, said it will help raise money for Hurricane Matthew relief via its app. According to the startup, it will offer up $5 off first times rides, and donate $5 to Hurrican Matthew relief through UNICEF, when first time users book a ride with the service. The company--one of several to rush into the void left in Austin after the retreat of Uber and Lyft--said users who use the code RELIEF to take advantage of the offer. The company--based in Austin--said the funds will go to already devastate Haiti and the Caribbean. The hurricane--which has been threatening Florida's coast this morning--already has killed at least 276 people in its path through Haiti, the Bahamas, and Cuba, and has displaced hundreds of thousands of residents. Fasten said it will donate no less than $10,000 to UNICEF.


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