Eltek Sues Chinese Firm

Eltek, a manufacturer of DC power supplies for the telecom and industrial market, and which also develops inverters for the photovoltaic market, said today that it has filed suit in China against a firm, for infringement on its intellectual property. The firm said it has retunred to court against East UPS, which it says directly copied and scanned its documentation and specifications for its own products. Eltek said the return to court comes after the two abandoned settlement negotations over the matter. Eltek said it "believes in the Chinese legal system and its ability to strike down these kinds of illegal activities"--however, China is infamous for its weak protection for intellectual property, and the U.S. Embassy in China even warns companies looking to do business in China that counterfeiting and other infringing activities "rampant", and critics frequently complain of lax enforcement of intellectual property laws. Eltek's U.S. headquarters are in Richardson; its international headquarters is in Norway.


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