Dell Targets High Performance Computing With New Products

Round Rock-based Dell said Thursday that it has rolled out a new batch of products that it specifically says meets the needs of its high performance computing (HPC) customers. According to Dell, it has rolled out a set of new Dell blades, servers, storage, and workstations aimed at HPC environments. Dell said the new products including the PowerEdge C6105, a 2U, 4-system product in a maximum density chassis; the PowerEge C410x, a PCI Express expansion chassis; the PowerEdge M610x, a blade whic includes two x16 PCIe slots in a 2S form factor designed for NVIDIA GPUs or the Fusion-io solid state storage drives; the inclusion of the Tesla C2050 GPU computing processor on its T7500 workstations; as well as a set of partner software to support the HPC market. The firm said that customers, including the University of Colorado at Boulder, The University of Kentucky, and the NASA Center for Climate Simulation are using the new products to study areas in earth‐system science, biotechnology and renewable energy.