Dell Targets Cloud With New Products

Round Rock-based Dell is making a major push into cloud computing, saying Wednesday that it is rolling out a set of pre-tested, pre-assembled, and supported hardware, software, and services focused on cloud computing. According to the firm, it has created specific hardware configurations, created a number of services and partnership programs, all focused on buying and deploying cloud infrastructure on Dell products. Among the efforts are a new line of PowerEdge servers--the Dell PowerEdge C-series server, focused on cloud computing; a new consulting service called Dell Cloud Services; and a software partner program called the Dell Cloud Partner Program. Dell's new servers include the PowerEdge C1100, which it says is a cluster-optimized compute node server; the PowerEdge C2100, a high performance data analytics and cloud storage/computing server; and the PowerEdge C6100, a 4-note server focused on share infrastructure.