CoVi Announces New Products, Partnership

CoVi Technologies, a manufacturer of high-definition video surveillance systems and hardware, announced Monday that it has released several new products and formed a new partnership with a 100-branch reseller. The Austin, Texas-based company said it has introduced a high-capacity data recorder, called a distributed media manager or DMM, for its flagship Crystal HD video surveillance system. CoVi said its new DMM-1100, -2000 and -2100 recorders deliver better performance thanks to the inclusion of Seagate's SV35-series hard drives with one terabyte storage capacity. CoVi also reported the release of a DMM with an integrated video analytics engine. Called the DMM-1500, the new offering grants analog video surveillance cameras the video analytic and IP network-based capabilities of CoViís digital systems, the company said. Also, CoVi revealed Monday that it has inked a reseller agreement with Siemens Building Technologies Inc. As a CoVi authorized reseller, Siemens will offer CoVi's Crystal HD to thousands of customers in the United States.