CopperEgg Customers Face Sudden Sales Tax Query

Austin-based cloud monitoring software CopperEgg, which is now owned by Idera, looks like it is facing some kind of an issue over sales tax handling, telling its users Tuesday that it will lock accounts on April 1st--in less than a week--if they are unable to gather information about a customer's country and state of record. CopperEgg said that it needs its customers help to comply with state sales tax regulations, because it needs to charge sales tax to customers who are also based in Texas. CopperEgg did not detail the sudden deadline on the move, but said it needs that information by April 1st, or that it will lock its customers accounts. CopperEgg said Texass customers will now be charged 8.25% on 80 percent of their monthly bill, per Texas tax rules for data processing services.


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