Company Targets Dallas-Fort Worth With Personalized Traffic Reports

Stuck in Dallas traffic? A developer of a personalized audio news and information service, Rivet Radio, says it has started offering up geo-targeted, audio traffic reports, which taps into a users' current location and provides real time speeds, travel time, road incidents, and more via audio. The auto telematics provider--based in Chicago--said it has partnered with Radiate Media, to deliver the on-demand audio traffic reports to Dallas-Fort Worth drivers, along with Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. The software and reports are available on iOS, Android, as well as vehicles powered by Bosch Automotive Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover and OpenCar. Radiate Media is a provider of traffic reports for local markets. The companies did not say at what level of granularity those reports will be made to local users; Radiate Media typically offers up its traffic information to television and radio stations.


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