Cloud Imperium Raises $6.23M For Space Simulation Game

Are you looking to raise money to develop a videogame? It looks like crowd funding works pretty well--at least, if you're an established game developer like Chris Roberts, known for developing Wing Commander. Robert's company, Cloud Imperium, said today it has gained $6.23 million in pledges via its crowd funding efforts, for its new game, Star Citizen. The funding for the game came via both a Kickstar campaign (which raised $2.1M for the company) and its own crowdfunding site (which raised another $4.2M). Over 91,509 fans of Roberts pledged funding for the space simulation game. Cloud Imperium is being developed in Austin, Los Angeles, and Montreal, Canada. Robert's prior games included Wing Commander, Freelancer, and Privateer. Wing Commander was first released in 1990 as a DOS game.


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