Click Forensics Sees Drop In Click Fraud

Austin-based Click Forensics, a provider of online ad verification and Internet traffic quality improvement services to online advertisers, reported today that it saw a drop in click fraud rates during Q4 of 2010. the firm said that it saw an overall industry click fraud rate of 19.1 percent, down from the 22.3 percent it reported in Q3. The drop is good news for online advertisers, who do not like to see their ad dollars wasted on false or fraudulent clicks on their ads. Click fraud is a widespread problem in the Internet advertising world, where there are a number of unscrupulous publishers attempt to harvest advertising money on their sites using fraudulent clicks. Click Forensics provides its service to avoid those issues of click fraud for advertisers and publishers. The firm said the numbers were drawn from data across 300 ad networks. Click Forensics is venture backed by Sierra Ventures, Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Stanford University.