Caringo Expands Into File-based Storage

Austin-based Caringo, a provider of content-addressable-storage software, has added support for file-based storage in its software, the firm said today. Caringo said that its new CAStor Content File Server (CFS) allows customers to connect standard file systems to its object-based storage clusters. Object-based, CAS storage systems are typically used for archiving of data. According to CAStor, the new product allows connection to its products using standard CIFS, NFS, Mac, FTP, WebDAV, and Linux file system protocols. Previously the firm's software required special support for content-addressable storage. Pricing details on the new product was not disclosed. Among features of the new file-based storage product, Caringo said it will allow administrators to make continous snapshots and recovery, application of metadata attributes to files, and replication for disaster recovery.


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