Calxeda Gets $55M in New Funding

Calxeda, the developer of ultra-low power, ARM-based datacenter server equipment, has added to its warchest, with a new $55M funding round, the company said this morning. Calxeda said the funding came from Austin Ventures and Vulcan Capital, along with its existing investors. Calxeda is applying ARM-based, low power chips--traditionally used for mobile and embedded systems--and instead, creating server class datacenter devices using those chips. The firm is attempting to dramatically reduce the power consumption of data centers, by leveraging the chip investments companies have made in low power processors for mobile and other platforms. The round now brings the amount raised by Calxeda for its efforts to somewhere north of $120M. Calxeda's prior investors include ARM Holdings, Advanced Technology Investment Company,Battery Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners, nd Highland Capital Partners. More information »


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