Big In Japan Releases ShopSavvy QR Code Reader

Dallas-based Big In Japan, the firm behind the ShopSavvy bar code reader software, said today that it has released standalone software for the iPhone, which allows users to read QR codes. According to Big In Japan, the release came on request of ShopSavvy users interested in only reading QR codes, and not UPC/EAN codes. The software is available for free. As part of the release, Big In Japan said it was launching a "Scan with ShopSavvy" branding program, to encourage consumers to scan the 2D barcodes with their phones. ShopSavvy already supports QR codes, in addition to standard UPC codes. QR codes are a two-dimensional barcode, which were created in Japan for use in automotive manufacturing, and is now being applied to magazine advertisements, billboards, and other areas.