BearTek Gloves Heads To Shark Tank

Fort Worth-based startup BearTek Gloves, a developer of "smart gloves" which embed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities into touch sensors on those gloves, is set to get its debut on Shark Tank, according to the company. The company, founded by Willie Blount and Tarik Rodgers, are apparently on the episode of Shark Tank airing tomorrow, Friday, February 5th. The company is part of the TECH Fort Worth incubator, which says that BearTek Gloves is actually the second company from its program to end up on the popular program. BearTek's gloves have embedded touch pads on the sides of gloves, which can be used to operate your phone or GoPro; for example, to answer the phone, change volume, start and stop filming, and more. Shark Tank is the ABC show which features investors critiquing the pitch of startups, and deciding if and how much money they will invest in those startups and their ideas.


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