Animated Knots By Grog Upgrades iPhone App

Don't know a bowline from a square knot? Trying to sharpen up your bimini twist? Animated Knots By Grog, the brainchild of an Austin, 75-year old father and two sons, has a newly upgraded version of its smart phone application for you. Animated Knots By Grog provides easy, step-by-step instructions for tying knots, which helps outdoors types -- fishermen, climbers, sailors, hunters, hikers, and others -- master those difficult-to-tie knots, or refresh their memory. The app--who has been selling on the App store for the last year--has been upgraded to include around 30 new knots, a new "basics" category to help beginners, iPhone 4 Retina display compatibility, and more. The animated knots have actually been available for the past ten years, when founder Alan "Grog" Grogono put some animated knots on his personal web site. Grogono and his sons are now working on an Android version of the app, plus a new YouTube channel.