American Airlines Launches In-Flight Video On Demand

Fort Worth-based American Airlines has launched a new product which will stream movies and TV shows from an inflight library, to Wi-Fi enabled laptops, the airline said today. According to American, its new Entertainment On Demand product will be available on its entire fleet of 15, Boeing 757-200 aircraft in its first phase of its launch. The new service allows users to pay 99 cents per TV show and $3.99 per movie to stream those movies directly to their laptop via Wi-Fi. The new service will initially feature more than 100 movies and TV shows, the airline said today, and users will not be required to purchase Wi-Fi service on its planes to access the service. American said it received FAA certification this month, after inflight tests on two of its Boeing 767-200's in May. The airline said it hopes to roll out the product on all of its Wi-Fi enabled aircraft beginning later this year, pending FAA certification.


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