Alamo Drafthouse Pulls Team America

The plan by the Alamo Drafthouse to swap in Team America: World Police after hackers believed to be linked to North Korea forced the withdrawal of the new Seth Rogan film The Interview by Sony, has been put on ice by film distributor Paramount. The Alamo Drafthouse had made national headlines with its plan to replace "The Interview" with a free screening of "Team America: World Police"--complete with American flags, streamers, balloons, and other patriotic gear. The Alamo Drafthouse simply said that it had to cancel the showing "due to circumstances beyond our control." The Interview was pulled after a devastating hacking of Sony Pictures by hackers believed to be linked to North Korea, and threats of a 9/11 style attack on theaters if the film was shown. Team America: World Police is an irreverant comedy featuring puppets and late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.