ADAPTIX Gets Patents

Carrollton, Texas-based Adaptix, a developer of OFDMA mobile wireless technology, said today that it has scored two new U.S. patents, and one in the Republic of Korea. The firm said the new patents cover innovations in subscriber handoff between base stations and advanced subscriber device power control. The patents issued include U.S. Patent 8,036,173, "System and Method for Managing Wireless Base Station Handoff Information", and U.S. Patent 8,036,199, "OFDMA With Adaptive Subcarrier Cluster Configuration and Selective Loading". The first patent name inventors as Cheng Zhang, Ying Heng, and Yanjun Yin--all in Shanghai, China--and the second names Xiaodong Li, Hui Liu, Wenzhong Zhang, and Kemin Li--all located in the Seattle are--as inventors.


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