UT Investment Numbers Show Best, Worst In Investor Performance

Performance numbers from the University of Texas Investment Management Co., which manages investments for the University of Texas, were released this week showing the IRR for a number of Texas-based venture capital and private equity firms that the school has invested in as a limited partner. Among relevations in the latest doc are performance numbers for Austin Ventures' various funds, JatoTech Ventures (Austin), PTV Sciences (Austin/Houston), Texas Pacific Growth, and TGF Management (Austin). UTIMCO's doc lists an overall IRR of 28.76% for all of its Austin Ventures investments, with the best return in Austin Ventures IV of 73.14%, and the worst in Austin Ventures VI, with a -7.09% IRR. TGF's overall IRR was 14.14%, PTV Sciences at 7.15%, and TPG Partners at -4.40%. The worst performance among the bunch was for JatoTech Ventures, with a -44.14% IRR.


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