SolarBridge Launches Microinverter Products

Austin-based SolarBridge said this morning that it has launched its AC microinverter for the photovoltaic power industry. The firm, which is venture backed by Rho Ventures and Battery Ventures, makes integrated AC modules which reduces the installation costs of DC-based photovoltaic solar panel installations. The firm's AC modules connect to each solar panel separately, and make it easier to install solar panels, replacing the requirement for long direct current (DC) runs to a central inverter. According to SolarBridge, the new SolarBridge AC Module has a 25-year warranty. The company also said it has partnered with Kyocera Solar and SunPower to bring the products to market. SolarBridge's microinverters connect directly into the back of solar modules. The firm's microinverters also are useful in installations with shading issues, allowing an array of solar panels to produce power even if some of those panels are being impacted by shade. Normally, solar panel arrays suffer a big performance drop for even small amounts of shading.


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