Snoball Takes On Charity Giving

Looking to spur charitable giving by online, social media users, Austin-based startup Snoball said today that it has launched a new platform aimed at spurring "viral social giving." According to Snoball, the purpose of its service is to help create momentum around donations to a users' favorite charities, via triggered donations. Those triggers can be specific events or goals, and can be targeted to over 1.6 million nonprofits. An example given by the firm is donating $1 to the American Red Cross every time the Dallas Cowboys win; or donating $2 to a local area food back when a user checks into a coffee shop using Foursquare. Snoball said its goals can be tied to "virtually any" sports statistic, social media event, entertainment, or weather event, and can be shared across Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.