San Antonio: We're On Google Fiber Short List

San Antonio, is one of 34 cities on a new list of potential cities for a rollout of Google Fiber, Google's broadband network effort, says that it's "confident" that it will accomplish its goal of becoming one of the next cities to get the high speed fiber service from Google. Google--which has been rolling out ultra-high speed, 1,000 Megabit-per-second broadband to a select number of cities nationwide--said it is in the midst of a process to whittle down those cities to a shorter list to get actual deployment. Google already is offering up Google Fiber in Austin. The list of 34 cities is a shorter list than the 1,100 cities which were on Google's list in 2010. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro said in a statement that San Antonio hopes to turn Google Fiber into new, economic development opportunities for the city.