Sabre Ramps Travel Bookings Battle, Sues American Airlines Over Antitrust

Southlake-based Sabre said today that it is suing American Airlnes, and has filed an antitrust claim against American for its role in forcing online travel sites to directly with its systems, rather than use GDS services like Sabre. In a statement, Sabre said that it is filing the suit to "protect transparency of information regarding prices that airlines charge consumers for their flights and services". The lawsuit rekindles a battle which had been raging between American Airlines and online travel sites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and others, over American's insistence that those sites connect directly to its reservations systems instead of the service provided by Sabre. Sabre said that "based on AA's actions" the firm had "no choice but to pursue legal remedies." Sabres said American is "unlawfully forcing travel agencies, travel management companies and corporations" to use its Direct Connect product.


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