Q1 Texas Venture Totals Around $531M

An analysis by Texastechpulse of the venture capital deals announced in the state during Q1 of 2010, finds that around $531.4M in venture capital was invested in the quarter. The analysis--which is based on information gleaned from funding announcements, regulatory filings, and other sources by Texastechpulse--found that the biggest sectors for investment were Information Services (with $85.4M in investments), Software ($65.0M), Security ($39.7M), and Medical Devices ($22.2M). Among the biggest deals during the quarter were $58.8M invested in in January, $35M in CSIdentity, also in January; $20M invested in hosting firm Layered Technologies, and $25M for Spring, Texas-based Pivot3. Texastechpulse tracks day to day venture capital funding as part of our premium venture database services.