Mouser Shows Off 3D Printed Car With Former Mythbuster's Star

Dallas- and Fort Worth-based electronics distributor Mouser is showing off a giant, 3D printed automobile, as part of its celebrity-driven video series featuring former Mythbuster's star Grant Imahara. Acccording to Mouser, they have debuted a video showing off a 3D-printed autonomous vehicle, created as part of its "Empowering Innovation Together" program. The car was developed with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara, along with its partner Local Motors. Mouser hired on Imahara in 2014 for a series of video segments, after Imahara left the popular Discovery Channel show with his other co-hosts. Imahara had been a longtime customer of Mouser before his rise into celebrity with Mythbusters. The Mouser series has a Mythbusters-like feel to its presentation, although it incorporates a significant amount of product placement and use of products carried by Mouser, in a short, YouTube friendly format.