Houston's Virtuix Raises $858K For Omni Virtual Reality Rig

It's often tough to get investor attention for hardware products, anything videogame related, or for startups in Texas. However, Houston-based Virtuix appears to have bypassed all of those issues by turning to crowdfunding, to help develop a virtual reality interface called Omni. According to the Omni Kickstarter page, Virtuix has now raised $858,355 for its project from 2,377 backers--and it's not even done fundraising yet. The firm had originally sought to raised $150,000 to help develop its virtual reality product, which is aimed at letting videogamers interact in their favorite 3D games in a natural way, moving around and walking around virtual environments, and letting users walk around--both in real life and in their 3d virtual environment games. Virtuix is offering up T-shirts, posters, and even prototypes of the device on its campaign, which runs for another 33 days.